Combining an extensive background in

environmental policy with a pragmatic

approach to developing renewable energy projects, Steve Barrett draws on his 20+ years' practice to help identify, evaluate, and facilitate clean power projects.  His hands-on experience in solar, wind, and marine energy informs policy makers and energy developers to help improve renewable energy options in New England, across the United States, and beyond.  Steve has recently collaborated with the following  organizations and their projects:

  • UN's International Civil Aviation Organization, serving as technical adviser for renewable energy guidance;

  • Federal Aviation Administration, serving to co-author the FAA's National Solar Guidance publication;

  • National Academies Airport Cooperative Research Program, serving as principal investigator for renewable energy research;

  • US Department of Energy, performing tidal energy research​ for Massachusetts.


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-LEED AP

Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool-SGHAT; and GlareGauge

Affiliations and Appointments:​

Background &


Certification and Competencies:


Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative, Board President  (2013-present) 

Environmental Business Council, Board Member (2009-present)

Minuteman Wind LLC, Vice President (2003-present)

Clean Power Now, Board Member (2008-2010)

Conservation Commission, Bolton MA (1996-2000)

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> Specialist in solar glare analysis, airports, and renewable energy

> Authority in environmental regulation, permitting, and financing

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